5 Factors to Consider when Choosing Food Packaging


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Food producers have a plethora of requirements like selecting proper materials for particular applications, costs of tooling, developing packaging, lead times and consistency, particularly in an automated environment. Have a look at these considerations to ascertain what you need as a solution emballage Netpak so as to receive the best quality food packaging that aligns with your budget.

  1. Tamper resistant

You need tamper resistant designs when it comes to choosing food packaging. Seek a food packaging company like Netpak that bestows many tamper evident concepts for food packaging designs so that you can select the best that is suitable for your products.

  1. Lower packaging costs

Food manufacturers are seeking ways to save on costs, particularly on packaging to offer consumers the best lowest prices by all means. In order to accomplish this, many companies choose the food packaging manufacturers who can accomplish the complete process in house. By keeping an eye on everything ranging from designs to tooling to final procurement and production, an exclusive food packaging company can help in significantly lowering your overall costs.

  1. Reduced cooling costs

When you work as a food manufacturer, you will need to opt for the most cost effective option available for tooling. This can be accomplished by working with a plastic packaging company that can design and build the tooling in house. The cost for the very same is comparable to stock tooling, but it can be entirely customized to your product packaging. Moreover, you must seek a company that can design tooling on the basis of overall sales volume of a project.

  1. SQF level three

Quality is a must for all kinds of food manufacturers. Hence, your packaging manufacturers must always keep themselves apprised with the up to date food safety measures, entailing the SQF certification as well. SQF is a standard established in order to make sure that the companies are paying heed to the food safety and quality management systems. When it comes to seeking a packaging company, you may find that companies having SQF level three certifications bestow many benefits, entailing traceability throughout production, quality control and increased trust with the customers.

  1. Speed to market

Food packaging must also have a superior speed to market development times just like any other plastic packaging design. But new designs must go through stages like approval, tooling, prototype, and testing which may take many weeks. In such lengthy times, consumers may lose interest. To ensure your products are packaged in shortest time, choose a packaging company that can design and offer tooling that aligns the speed of new item production and market testing.

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