Pink is the Color of the Heart to the Girls


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While you want to gift your loved one something memorable, awesome, aesthetic, and precious thing, you must go for some exclusives. Am I right? If yes, then the choice must be something which is rare of the rarest and that denotes only one thing in the world-the pink diamonds. It is the trends in the last decades that the celebrities are jumping on the rarest pink diamonds that are coming mainly from North-Western Australia’s Argyle mines. This is the mine, which sourcing the world’s 90% to 95% pink diamonds to the fancy colored diamond lovers for the last 35 to 40 years. It is flame up the topic more vividly while celebrities are showing their pink stones on the media and described the celebrity looks of it.

Why these are the pink-colored?

Diamonds are measured with their grades, based on the 4Cs-color, clarity, carat and the cut. Normally the natural colorless diamonds, known as the white diamonds, are having a high price for its natural shine and luminosity. White diamonds are having more glorious while lights are playing in it. Some heavenly feelings you may feel at the time.

In the case of fancy colored diamonds, especially to the pink diamonds, the color ranges from light to dark. It means they may be with light pink shaded or with intense pink tones and price is based on its intensity of color. The more will it be intense the higher will be the price. This pink color came at the time of the formation of these stones under the earth’s surface. These deformations are known as the “Plastic deformations”. It is believed that the formations of these crystal stones are uneven and irregular. This shading is an alternate procedure to yellow or blue diamond that has picked up their hues because of the nearness of nitrogen or boron while shaping. Exceptionally little portions of regular diamonds mined are hued. They are amazingly uncommon and profligate hues are even rarer. Many are upgraded to accomplish excessive status, utilizing light to fortify the shading significantly.

The other pink gemstones:

It is believed that these pink diamonds are more precious and high prized that the other pink stones. While you will talk about the price of these pink diamonds, it is remembering that good gem-quality pink stones are starting at $1,000,000 per carats. In this case, if you want some low priced pink stones, then go for the pink sapphires. This could be a good choice at a lower price.

Pink color – heartthrob to girls:

It is a fact that pink diamonds are well-received to girls of all ages. Pink is considered the feminine color and it suits to all the women. Along with the pink, yellow diamonds are also popular for the girls. In any case, yellow is to a lesser extent alluring shading as it can leave skin with a colorless tinge when worn against it. Pink color is set with any skin tone nicely. You might like the solitaire rings for your loved ones, or a diamond band or a cluster with three stone arrangements. The entire selection will look gorgeous and enviable with the pink diamond stones or with a combination of white.

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