Tips On How To Address The Global Threat Of Cybersecurity


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User privacy has been a cause of global concern and constant discussion after the number of security breaches at giants like Google and Uber. Such a data security breach can, and has, compromise sensitive user information ranging from account hacking to financial transaction details. Considering how alarmingly hackers are being able to breach the security system of giant firms too, it is necessary that all firms – big and small – take proper measures to safeguard user information, staff information, and company’s financial details. Unguarded or under-guarded data security can lead to many severe problems like;

  • Compromising sensitive biometric details including fingerprints and retinal scans
  • Stealing sensitive information like credit card details and debit details

Online gaming hacking is one of the latest means that hackers are swiftly using these days. All these threats have put users at more risk than they ever were. So, wondering what new can be done to avoid such threats and minimize the damage? If yes, read the guide below that is a compilation of tricks and tips to avoid a security breach at all levels.

  1. Primitive Security Measures

Whether a gaming console, a laptop for personal use, or a bunch of systems in a network or several networks at office, every single one of them requires proper security measures for base protection. The most relevant ways of doing so are given below.

  • Password strength and authorization are the two essential means to make hacking difficult. First, the dvr password should be long and unique, and two, the password authorization access should be limited to concerned individuals only
  • Plugging only limited devices to the dvr after they pass the antivirus test is another way to maintain cyber hygiene
  • Install a well-maintained firewall and antivirus software to reduce the threat of malware and phishing attacks
  1. Latest Security Measures


Whilst the primitive security measures still account for reducing most security threats, some newer ones can make the network even stronger. The best ones include the following.

  • Network segmentation for the purpose of limiting damage in the case of a security breach
  • Using tools like ‘Protection’ to scan every open source code while designing a software
  • Hiring ethical/white hat hackers to uncover hidden – minor as well as major – bugs and other vulnerabilities
  • Using advanced scanning services for network testing and software testing to keep the cloud and system free of hidden spying bugs

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