Tips to Gain Free Traffic for E-commerce Jewelry Website


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According to a study, in 2018 approximately 29 million people bought online jewelry every day. This stat defines how hugely lucrative jewelry selling business is on the internet. Creating an ecommerce pearl jewelry store and organizing it is not that difficult. The other part of your journey is driving traffic towards your store and encourages them to purchase pearl jewelry.

New online jewelry store owners experience a common challenge – How to attract traffic towards their e-commerce jewelry website?

Without traffic, you will be unable to sell. Remember, obtaining quality traffic is crucial. Attracting wrong customers is waste because they will not buy anything even the most beautiful long pearl necklace or the golden pearl earrings or the Akoya bracelet. Free traffic is great but for this you will need to put some effort.

Tips to gain free traffic for ecommerce jewelry website

Learn SEO to improve your website

Searchers click on top five links displayed on search result page. Therefore, it is crucial that your ecommerce store is revealed on the first result page using targeted search terms. Identify the keywords people use because irrelevant target phrases will be a waste. SEO results are not instant, so understand how it works. Make sure to optimize for the users and not Google bots. Search crawlers are smart, so avoid SEO black tactics.

Start a jewelry blog

Go beyond selling jewelry. Be helpful and offer your audience solutions on how to buy Tahitian or akoya pearls? How to layer necklaces or rings? How to take care of pearls? What is the difference between natural and harvested pearls? Create and post content on your blog regularly. This will drive traffic towards your ecommerce jewelry store. Nevertheless, the content created has to be interesting and well optimized for quality.

Social media engagement

Create social media account, consistently post content, and authentically engage through likes, comments as well as respond to feedback posted on your content.

Network offline

Besides driving online traffic, you can accomplish a lot attending local meetings, conferences, workshops or have your jewelry collection displayed at the festival events or trade shows. Network with target market and make your presence known.

Analyze and optimize your traffic driving strategies and soon you will see good results!

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